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We were only 15 :)



Peace signs in the womb

My baby is going to bring world peace 🙂


Another night I can’t sleep.
The day has taken the best of me ,it has defeated me.
Unable to close my eyes and escape reality through my dreams.
The night is just a partner in the day’s tricks and games,
he taunts me endlessly with day’s events through his silence.
When moon and sun finally meet once again
They come to the decision to give my mind a break,
before this imaginary noose of thoughts snap my neck
I feel ease for just a moment,until I hear the bird’s song
following the screeching sound of my alarm clock.
IF there is a god,he’s made blind men, see and the crippled,walk;
so why can’t he just tell the day to stop torturing me so the night can let me sleep?