Bipolar Self-esteem

Sometimes I feel so empty that the world could come down on me, and crush my soul.

Other times I feel full enough where I believe I could almost rule the world.

Split perspective: The Deep Sea and The People

The Deep Sea

This misery puts a fire in my heart.
This pain gives me depth,But that’s all I have;
Because I know that it’s not making me any friends.
I tell myself,
“The deepest of water never has any visitors.
The shallow is where all the people want to go.
No one wants to drowned in the swirling abyss of your unknown.
No one wants to take a chance on you;
You’ll swallow them whole !
But don’t drain yourself of what makes you full -to satisfy the others.
Who gives a damn if you’re a place that no one wants to go.
Your mystery is what makes you beautiful.
So let them wonder what it’s like to be apart of your secret world;
Because they’ll never know.”

” The People”

Your waters they captivate me.

They pull me in;
I can feel the salt touch my lips.

They quiver
They quiver

I would gladly swallow all that you are;
Although I know it would only leave me begging for more.

You play tricks on me;
You make me believe that your good for me.

You’re just salt water
You’re just salt water

You disappear in the sun,
But I can still feel where you used to be-inside me.

Thought of the moment #2

The greatest tragedy in my life is that I never let anyone see the real me.

The She Devil Spits: Reign of Blood

I’m the underdog
Queen of the under world
My heart is fire
My words are ice
So distant,so cold
I’ll make sure that hell freezes over;
I’m taking over

This world will wish they never spoke of me, they will wish they would of kept their lips zipped
Because once I get started
I will never quit

I’m not broken, I cant be fixed
I’m just not equipped to fit the mold
you’ve provided
None of your worldly possessions can bribe me to leave this world behind because your world is now my possession

I’ll make sure there’s nothing left
Expect nothing less than total destruction; I’ll slaughter all of you.
I’ll never give another thought to you.
it’s my reign fueled by blood and pain
Yours is over-
I watch the blood drain.


No one has ever really loved me in my life,only you.

No one has ever really made me feel good in my life,only you.

No one has ever really been able to take the pain away,only you.

Billions of people in the the world and my eyes look for only you.

The World’s Game

How precious life is that we can be here smiling one moment, motionless and cold the next.

What tricks our mind play on us to make us believe we’re invincible,that we’re here to stay, but we are only instant in the worlds existence.

Why are we so insignificant, but it is ingrained in us to believe that we’re magnificent ?

The world is calculating and methodical, but we don’t know yet what piece we represent in her game of life that we struggle to interpret everyday.

The world has it’s mysteries for a reason, and she will reveal herself to us in time.

Thought of the moment

I don’t have to reveal my body to shock people;

I reveal my mind.

In a world where flesh steals the show;
The inside is what I want to be known for.

Unintentionally Published Insecurites

The hands of envy tighten their grip on me as I wish to be my enemy.
Never satisfied, always looking to another to fulfill what’s been missing inside of me.
Never satisfied, but have I ever really tried to be ?

I don’t have these demons talking in my ear.
I have these demons walking on a fucking leash.

The saddest part about life is that everything fades.