Monthly Archives: February 2020

Toxic technology?

Sometimes I want to break my phone in half and go live in the forest. I think I feel that way because I hate the dependence we have on toxic technology. And it’s not like it’s that bad for me, but I find myself wasting time scrolling through social media- and for what? I really don’t care what people are doing. I don’t find the laid out skin care routines, outfit of the days, bath routine, gym routine, look where I ate last time, selfie- self love bullshit posts people put out there amusing anymore. When I get in the mood to actively post on social media, after I post- I just think “Why the fuck did I just waste my time laying out all the free shit I got in the mail today. Like, literally who gives a shit.” And when I post the food I ate, or the work out routine I did, or the selfie. I think “Why am I doing this?” For approval? For envy? For support? But why do I care about support from strangers? Why do I care about likes from people I will never see? Why do I care about followers, and compliments? Why? Is there something in me that’s missing? I don’t know. But I know I’m never going to find it while scrolling and posting. slowly I’ve been realizing what a big fucking waste of time it is. So I’m done. I took my 500 or so followers down to like 50 which is family and maybe I’ll post some pics just because I know my family actually likes them and cares. And they’re not liking my pictures just to get a follow or a like back. I’ve realized that mindless scrolling in your phone is such a time waster. We could have so much less anxiety and live such a better life if we all weren’t so worried about our damn phones. We think the internet brings us together when in reality it actually makes us antisocial. In real life we can’t even look each other in the eye, so we look down at phones scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. We give thumbs up on pictures but we can’t even wave to people on the street in real life. We read about people’s experiences online but we don’t even want to talk and listen to people right in front of us. It’s ruining our social skills, our relationships and our brains. I think phone users in moderation is fine. I like to read the news, read articles, look up recipes, read what’s going on my neighborhood Facebook groups. But other than that I’m limiting my screen time and focusing on things outside of this little rectangle. Ironic, isn’t it? as I type this whole thing up on my iPhone. But hey! I said in moderation! Im putting it down now. I’m not a total hypocrite.