Monthly Archives: March 2019

Tangled Strings of Thought

I’m the type of person that picks their scabs too deep.

The type that obsesses over things that haven’t happened yet.

And keeps playing bad memories in their head.

Im the type who ponders too much over what happens when your dead.

I’m the type of person who hasn’t worked all the kinks out in their head yet.

I feel like my existence is so premature, I feel like a new born.

Every minute I’m trembling, because I’m so unsure.

I wish I could say this is a feeling I haven’t felt before, but the truth is everyday I’m struggling with these same dilemmas.

I always feel like I’m one thought away from a breakdown.

I’m at war with myself, trying to give each thought a shake down.

Which one is going to be the end of me?

I can’t cling on to these obsessions any longer,

I need to be set free- from paranoia, fear, Self doubt, Self loathing ,Unmotivated mind sets & Internal threats.

I need to be set free from me.