I HATE that I’ve always let the opinions of others effect the way I feel about myself.

My whole life- in my own head,  I’ve been tortured; And I can’t live another day like this.

I can’t physically or mentally bare the burden of worrying whether or not another person loves me. I have to work on loving myself or I’m not going to make it.

I just have to put this out in the world. And I don’t know if anyone will ever read this but I just have to know that I finally had the  courage to truly put out into the world what I was thinking, although I’m terrified that people will label me weak, crazy, or what ever unflattering things I can think of. I just had to say it.

I’m a tortured fucking person and I want to change.


About write2sleep

If you are looking for a well structured blog with correct punctuation and sentence formation, you have come to the wrong blog. My writing style reflects my mind- COMPLETE CHAOS. For the ones who are restless..if you can't fall right to sleep ;Write2sleep.

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