Monthly Archives: February 2016

Singular Suffering Species 

I often wonder if all this suffering will benefit me some how.

Will it teach me strength, and perseverance?

Will I change the world some how? No matter how big or how small?

Or will I die suffering my whole life; never gaining the courage to change my ways or step out side of my narrow perspective ? 

Will I lie in the ground, with only a life of suffering and nothing to show for it all?  

Am I just a body to be absorbed back into the earth from which I came from, my purpose nothing more; To live a life only at face value and then to be swallowed into the ground once more? 

Am I just here to exist and then rot away in oblivion ? 

If that’s all we are- just as equal as an ant, or an owl; why are we so complex somehow ?

Why are we so different than every living thing on this planet? 

Why are we designed to suffer slow and painfully, while every other living thing lives in ignorance? 

We are the only species that can make ourselves suffer. 

Maybe that’s all we’re meant to do?