Monthly Archives: August 2014


No one has ever really loved me in my life,only you.

No one has ever really made me feel good in my life,only you.

No one has ever really been able to take the pain away,only you.

Billions of people in the the world and my eyes look for only you.

The World’s Game

How precious life is that we can be here smiling one moment, motionless and cold the next.

What tricks our mind play on us to make us believe we’re invincible,that we’re here to stay, but we are only instant in the worlds existence.

Why are we so insignificant, but it is ingrained in us to believe that we’re magnificent ?

The world is calculating and methodical, but we don’t know yet what piece we represent in her game of life that we struggle to interpret everyday.

The world has it’s mysteries for a reason, and she will reveal herself to us in time.

Thought of the moment

I don’t have to reveal my body to shock people;

I reveal my mind.

In a world where flesh steals the show;
The inside is what I want to be known for.

Unintentionally Published Insecurites

The hands of envy tighten their grip on me as I wish to be my enemy.
Never satisfied, always looking to another to fulfill what’s been missing inside of me.
Never satisfied, but have I ever really tried to be ?

I don’t have these demons talking in my ear.
I have these demons walking on a fucking leash.

The saddest part about life is that everything fades.


She hid her feelings all too well.
No one ever knew who she really was.
Accustomed to never revealing the battle within.
Now she’s in too deep,lost in the lies she’s told.
Shame takes the place of all her secrets.
Insecurity resonates;then her silence breaks.
“This is who I am!”,she screams.
“I am not the girl you think I am.”
“This is who I am!”, she screams.
The lies;they fall away.
Insecurities;they fall away, and it’s just me standing here .
“Will you accept me for who I am?” I exclaim.
I no longer choose to hide in shame.
I forgive all the lies I’ve told.
I forgive not showing who I truly am.
And the lies;they fall away.

If You Are NumberS, I am Nothing

The only people I’ve ever been impressed with died a long time ago.
Now, this world is filled with fakes
Pretending to be original.
I look towards the colors of the world;
Everything else is just a waste.
I want to surround myself with what is natural,effortless and beautiful.
You and your followers try too hard to be significant;Blinded by your artificial light. I will fight so I don’t become just a number on a screen.
I will live in the real world.
Your persona means nothing to me.

She Devil

My mind breeds fire.
My words are just the smoke.
My actions are ashes;
I leave trails everywhere.
Soft debris of disarray.
I hope you follow, I hope you follow.