Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

Inside world

These thoughts are the only thing I have,I live inside my head.
No one knows the things I’ve seen
no one knows the roads that I’ve traveled, within.
You keep reaching out,
But I’m so numb I can’t feel your hand.
I’m lost in my world, the world there’s no room for you in.

Inferior In Thought

Sometimes I think feel way too much.
Actually,I know feel way too much.
I think it’s why I avoid people.
I can see through them.
I can feel who they really are.
I can feel their self righteousness,
their superiority.
We look up at the same sky and I don’t see the things that they see.
Does that makes them better than me, because I don’t choose to believe the things that they believe ?
Does it make them better than me that I don’t give in to conformity?
I walk alone because I choose to believe in me.
I walk alone,so look down on me.