Monthly Archives: May 2014

Scars Of A Warrior

Cleanse in the fire And burn what I don’t desire

Ashes rise,revealing a new me
So much pain to change who I used to be 

Although I appear new and glistening- I can still feel the scars that got me here

I won’t change them for anything.

My badges of honor, deep within the skin 

My scars show I’m a fucking warrior

Now let them face me

Internal hell

I don’t believe that hell is a place. I believe hell is a state of mind. When you know you have committed evil, your mind will never be at peace. Hell isn’t what surrounds you, hell is what is within you.

The Diseased

Scrape the inside of my mind
I need to part with the infected
I couldn’t anticipate how much I would be affected

I’m losing my mind
I’m losing my mind

I try to keep it intact,
but I can’t hold on to the diseased
I’m afraid it’s a permanent part of me

I’m losing it all now
I’m losing it all now

I self destruct
My whole being,infected
I’m a disease
End it all, I’m set free

Thought of the day

Reading about someone else’s life
change the way we look at our own.
Having the strength to understand their struggle, and make it your own
Gives you the courage to feel the things they feel, and that changes your core. Reading gives you something greater than knowledge, it gives you enlightenment.


I always felt like I never fit in, and now I realize that it’s okay that I don’t; because I know I’m not like the rest of you.

Beauty is …

Beauty is being a mother
Beauty is surviving something terrible
Beauty is the strength to get up when all you want to do is hide
Beauty is that stride in your walk
Beauty is in the confidence when you talk
Beauty is the scar you try to cover up
Beauty is all those miles you ever walked
I’ve seen a lot beauty
But, Can I call myself beautiful ?
Today I’m going to try.
Even when they don’t see the beauty in me, I will.
Now, that’s what I call beauty.