Daily Archives: January 9, 2014


Anything I ever wrote about love was about you, I just didn’t know it yet.
Any dream I ever had was about you, your silhouette in the distance, I didn’t know who you were but I could always feel your presence. The color hazel I gaze into, a thousand different colors I can’t describe but I know each one is beautiful. You make the world fade away, that’s all I ever wanted. Far away from what made me broken. You make me feel new, you make me feel unbroken.

My Life Before You

Some days I feel so whole.. like the world was made just for me

All the trees,birds flying in the sky were placed there just to make me happy

How is it that things can change so quickly

Sitting in silence with a blank stare, emotion wears thin and i feel nothing at all

but a stranger to the world, an outsider

waiting to be set free to a place where i truly belong

Im A hopeless little girl to think that I can be set free of this misery

Until that feeling of excitement comes over me again, everything is okay i feel whole again

what tricks my mind play on me

I’m fucking hollow