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My Idea of The perfect relationship

I found this on my computer I have no Idea when I wrote it … But my thoughts havent changed.

I like tickle fights,laughing until im crying with just your tee shirt on, watching movies until the crack of dawn or we talk all night long. Hot chocolate and cuddling, driving with no place to go, pancakes with extra syrup at 1am with you. I love acting like a kid and you do too.Taking pictures, funny faces, doing impressions, going on adventures, finishing each others sentences, and not to mention I surprise you with your favorite candies and you pick me flowers. We make each other handmade cards, bare the cold and split our Philly cheese steak on top of mt. Washington for valentines day. Im the only person that can make you laugh when your mad,and you’re the only person that can make me smile when im sad. I know when something is wrong when you dont even say a word, and you make sense of all my nonsense thoughts.I got you and you got me, but at the same time we let each other be free.