Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

Faith Within Herself

She looks at the others and wonders how their faith comes so easily

Drenched in doubt and self loathing , she wonders how she can believe in anything

She looks toward the sky crying, pleading, screaming “give me a sign that my life means something”- No reply.

Running towards the cross,she feels emptiness that slowly turns into rage

It’s 11 am the chapel doors slam,service comes to a halt and through the silence she screams “why can you see things that I can’t see ?”

Hundreds of eyes stare but once again she’s left with only silence

Shes broken, her faith left her ages ago

No one can understand the pain that made her that way

And she cries because there’s no one left to turn to

everyone has their rock, their faith, their place in this world and shes left on the outside of it all.

Accepting that her place is only in loneliness she looks towards the sky and doesn’t look for answers to her life , but she looks up and realizes that she can see the beauty and calm of the world all on her own.

she finally found faith in something greater, she found faith within her self.