Monthly Archives: April 2012

Your love

I have never felt for anyone the way I feel about you.

Your touch is imprinted on my skin, your scent ingrained in my memory.

Your taste imbedded on my tongue.

Your love is not just a feeling but an adventure for my senses.

Every molecule,neurotransmitter,and chemical reaction within me tells me that I’m yours.

Your love is mystery, a phenomenon, a journey into the unknown.

Emerged in you, your love is the only thing I will blindly let take control.

Your love is the only thing I will allow to devour me.

My screams echoing as we become one.

Your love pulsates through me.

I breathe heavy on your chest and listen to your heart beat.

The sound of your heart will play over and over in my mind forever.

Thoughts of the restless

Everyday I go through the world watching everything.Listening, analyzing, making connections and drawing conclusions.

One conclusion I have drawn is that to fit in this world you have to fake it.

And by fake it i mean fake your appearance, fake your mental state of mind by injecting your body with chemicals until you’re someone completely different.

Everyone wears these layers so they look like all the others, they wear these layers so no one can get underneath them and find out who they truly are.

Because if someone gets beneath those layers, they’re exposed,vulnerable and they can easily be harmed.

To me it’s sad that we can’t easily communicate with each other without the fear of being judged, judged so harshly,that we are labeled an outcast, a weirdo, or were labeled someone who isn’t important enough to give a second glance.

it always pains me when people are lonely, when they feel they don’t fit in, and they feel they can’t be loved.

Some people are so comfortable in their lives with friends, family and lovers that they never take a moment

to realize all the people who dont get to experience the sensation of closeness to another human being and the sensation of love.

Everyday we go about our lives so unappreciative of the love we have, we are unaware of the way our cold

words and stares effect the people who don’t have the luxury of love, or dont have ability to receive the sensation of love.

My eyes are sensitive to the pain that carries on around me

the lonely hearts that ache, walking among us in their lifeless sacks of flesh

Waiting for that glance and a smile, waiting for that one moment of acknowledgement

to remind themselves that they are alive

The sad truth is that our world is filled with ghosts

and we all have the power to turn these ghosts into people that smile, laugh and love

Each of us are gods and we don’t even know it

We have the power to build or destroy the human life