Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Different Kind of Pollution

I’m lost in my mind, im wasting time trying to piece all the scattered fragments of the past year together

To reveal to myself that you weren’t just a waste of time

Underneath I now realize my motives were impure

I was the one lying, lying to myself

trying to convince myself of the idea that what I felt for you was love

I look back on this now and I know you were only there for one thing

To make me lose my mind for a while

To be detached from the mind that was polluted by bad memories

But what I found is that you only numbed me temporarily

Your world filled with poisons and plastic friends, you’re all filled with smoke

So goodbye

I looked for a stable ground to walk on

And what I realized was that it was something you couldn’t provide

You’re nothing but air so I fell right through

The day I met you I thought I found a savior , I was fooled

I found my true  savior, within myself, the day I picked myself up

from beneath you and I finally made it on my own