Forever Lonely

I know he thinks I try too hard to get inside of his mind

But,I don’t think he knows how much I need this

I long for connection, he keeps shutting me down

And once i feel that your wall is up I don’t think ill have enough strength to knock it down

So If you love me, please leave an opening for me, just for me, that little opening will be my secret.

Relationships I had before reminded me of how much i was alone

Whether it was their anger or drugs, there always was a distance

They secluded me from the world

And what for ?so,they could have their own personal toy?

I can’t go through that again

So if you love me, you better fucking show me.

I’m sick of hearing these people say that they want me forever

But honestly I dont want a forever that has me feeling lonely

so if you love me you better fucking show me

And if you cant, I can be on my own then I’ll have an excuse to feel all alone.

About write2sleep

If you are looking for a well structured blog with correct punctuation and sentence formation, you have come to the wrong blog. My writing style reflects my mind- COMPLETE CHAOS. For the ones who are restless..if you can't fall right to sleep ;Write2sleep.

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