Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

Withering Of The leaves Brings Happiness

As this light dances across my face I feel a warmth, a warmth I have never felt,not even as a child.

My mind goes into a haze and my focus magnifies on the tingling sensation flowing through my body as the wind hits my skin.

As I take in this sensation my surroundings are visually pleasing.

My eyes ,in a frenzy attempting to follow the swirling of the green leaves with bursts of red  and yellow circling around me.

I breathe in the crisp air of this season and in this moment I have not a care in the world,I am happy.


Thoughts Through Poetry

“Love -Unwind, Unbind Me”

I notice every little thing you do

I pick up on your habits, and I realize your fears

And one thing you should  know is that when your with me I’m going to look into your soul I hope you don’t mind it

I’m going to want to get inside your head and learn to know your heart

I hope you’re not private

I never want you to feel alone as I did

I never want you to fear that no one really knows you, I’ll be the only one that isn’t blinded

I want to see you In a different light, In a light that magnifies your darkness

You don’t have to hide it

You feel as if  this world binds you to the image that they perceive

Let go of what used to be, take my hand, ill set you free.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Society, You Must Be The new God You’ve Created An Animal”

I’ve been kicked around and criticized for feeling the way I do

Seeing the world in an indifferent way since i was a young child

All i needed was for someone to say that I’ll be okay

Instead I’m beaten down as if i were an animal

How do you expect me to act out?

When you’re the one who has taken my humanity away

As I hold this loaded gun to your head maybe you’ll be the one that’s afraid

Maybe you’ll know how it feels for someone to kick you down as if you were an animal

Maybe you’ll start to feel your humanity slip away as mine did long ago

I don’t have a conscious as I pull this trigger

I am an animal And you’re to blame

I don’t feel remorse

Anything I would have felt is numbed by your torture

And now Your going to know what it feels like to lose everything you love

You can thank your self because you’ve created the animal that will end you now