Daily Archives: August 28, 2011

What You Call Light Is My Darkness.

I’ve always run away from the light

Never knowing why darkness was my haven

Why am I unafraid of the creatures of the night

but angels scare me half to death

White feathered wings, and beautiful glowing halos

Make me run and hide

This reverse terror makes me question who I am inside

But i’ve figured out I’m a coward I know these demons won’t judge me

I let them hang around, they expect nothing from me, and I like it that way

The angels give me  an unapproved look when they see all the sins that ive committed

Their light exposes my dark and I stand out to the saints, I cant stand it

So I’d rather Hide in the dark,blend in and fade away



I killed Myself Baby,Cause I’ma Loser.

This blood loss makes me weak

Been trying to talk myself out of this mutilation for weeks

Don’t you dare try to touch me nothing you do will make me feel alright

Close my eyes, try to breathe but these tears wont stop ,no surprise

I feel lonely for the last time,my little self-esteem problem makes me say goodnight

And I know No one will notice when I’m gone

Never let anyone close enough to see what they’d be missing if I’d ever leave

I’ll take my last breath, and no one will miss me when the bloods all gone

I’ll say hi to the angels or devils for all the friends that I could have made

But I lost them somewhere along the way

When I was bleeding out, they were out

I take a walk through these  pearly white gates god says “Hey, Get the fuck out, we don’t have room for you in this place.”

Even in death im rejected

What else should I have expected

I’m A loner,I’m A loser who has no friends

Jesus christ himself wouldn’t of  loved me, if I hung myself on the cross instead

I close my eyes for the last time, I dream of the dark

I guess I don’t mind that fact that I don’t belong anywhere

Well,I’ll just pretend like I don’t care.