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Poetry After Dark

After Dark Poetry.

There’s A Murderer Living On Your Street, Don’t You Know It?

Walking down the street with a murderer’s mentality

I’m quiet on the outside but on the inside my mind is slaying masses

I’ve been dancing around the fact that what suits me best in life is death

My past is only black that I’ve tried to forget ,my present blurry just a forgetful life at best

Future nonexistent for my actions now have no consequence

Now take them all out one by one

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Death By Me Is Death By Revolver

He said his life is like a game of Russian Roulette and im the gun that’s pointed at his head. Unsure if im loaded,uncertain if im the shot that will kill him.I tell him “Take a chance what’s the worst that can happen?”. He pulls my trigger. He breathes no more. What once was his skull is now shattered on the floor. The neighbors hear the blast of the gun, come rushing over and In horror they scream. I look at them with an innocent smile and say “This wasn’t suppose to happen, it was just a game.” I drop the gun.. I walk away.